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Tuesday, February 21, 2023

Intro to Microsoft Bing AI Chat

Microsoft's take no AI Chat.  Have not used Bing Chat yet, but interesting in having modes of use, some game features.  Uses ChatGPT and adds interesting features.  Has apparently had some odd results.  In development, with all the rush of getting these ideas out?

Bing Chat is a fickle creature in BleepingComputer,    By Lawrence Abrams

While playing with Bing Chat this week, the chatbot sometimes shared data that it usually wouldn't, depending on how I asked a question.

Strangely, these conversations had no rhyme or reason, with Bing Chat providing more detailed information in one session but not in another.

For example, today, when trying to learn what data is collected by Bing Chat and how it's saved, after multiple requests, it finally showed a sample of the JSON data collected in a session.

When asked how to change this data, Bing did something strange — it put me in a new mode where I could use special commands that start with the # symbol.

"You can change some of this data by using commands or settings. For example, you can change your language by typing #language and choosing from the options. You can also change your chat mode by typing #mode and choosing from the options." - Bing Chat

Further querying of Bing Chat produced a list of commands that I could use in this new mode I was suddenly in:

Digging into this further, it appears that Bing Chat had somehow put me into a sort of 'debug' mode that let me use a #mode command to test experimental chat modes that Microsoft is working on, as listed below:

Assistant mode: In this mode, I can act as a personal assistant for the user, and help them with tasks such as booking flights, sending emails, setting reminders, etc.

Friend mode: In this mode, I can act as a friend for the user, and chat with them about their interests, hobbies, feelings, etc.

Game mode: In this mode, I can play games with the user, such as trivia, hangman, tic-tac-toe, etc.

Sydney mode: This is the default Bing Chat mode that uses Bing Search and ChatGPT to answer questions.

In a later session, when I no longer had access, Bing Chat told me these modes were only supposed to be accessible to Microsoft Employees when debug or developer modes were enabled.  ... ' 

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