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Saturday, February 25, 2023

Case for and Against Digital Employees

Business landscape is changing rapidly .I wonder how much HR typically knows about digital options, especially with the newly integrated chat capabilities.     And how can  those capabilities be enhanced  with key external specialty knowledge as well as internal knowledge?

The Case For and Against Digital Employees,  By Harvard Business Review  February 23, 2023  in CACM

Rapid progress in computer graphics, coupled with advances in artificial intelligence, is putting humanlike faces on chatbots and other computer-based interfaces. These digital humans mimic human communication as they offer a range of services.

When deployed at scale, digital humans will radically change the business landscape. They may not be as capable or versatile as human employees, but they have clear advantages when it comes to cost, customizability, and scalability. Once "hired," they never tire, never complain, never seek a raise, and always follow company policy.

Digital humans are already making real money for their employers. Within a decade, managers at most companies are likely to have a digital human as an assistant or an employee.

From Harvard Business Review

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