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Saturday, February 18, 2023

Labeling Your Retail Shelf Spaces

 Worked this topic  at some length in our lab and with retailers, still evolving.  ... 

Retail advancements 

Electronic shelf labels    can significantly transform a store’s operations with an increasing array of benefits for retailers.

Download this whitepaper to learn how electronic shelf labels are driving pricing systems for retailers around the world. Learn about benefits like:

Providing customers with better product information – With ESL, the workload for retail staff will be lightened, allowing them to focus on better customer service.

Reducing waste by eliminating the need for paper labels – ESLs are environmentally friendly and can save operation costs. Using traditional paper labels means having to maintain printing costs, as well as logistics costs.

Solving pricing discrepancies between the label and the register – By using ESL, retailers can introduce a seamless change in product prices whenever they need. This can save on labor costs and relieve labor shortage pressure due to current global challenges.  .. ' 

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