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Saturday, February 18, 2023

Quantum Breakthrough Could Revolutionise computing

Multi tasking quantum?

Quantum breakthrough could revolutionise computing   in the BBC

Twenty years ago Winfried Hensinger was told by other scientists that developing a powerful quantum computer was impossible. Now he has made the system behind him that he believes will prove them wrong    By Pallab Ghosh, Science correspondent

Scientists have come a step closer to making multi-tasking 'quantum' computers, far more powerful than even today's most advanced supercomputers.

Quantum computers make use of the weird qualities of sub-atomic particles.

So-called quantum particles can be in two places at the same time and also strangely connected even though they are millions of miles apart.

A Sussex University team transferred quantum information between computer chips at record speeds and accuracy.

The researchers connected two chips together and sent record amounts of quantum information at unprecedented speeds and reliability

Computer scientists have been trying to make an effective quantum computer for more than 20 years. Firms such as Google, IBM and Microsoft have developed simple machines. But, according to Prof Winfried Hensinger, who led the research at Sussex University, the new development paves the way for systems that can solve complex real world problems that the best computers we have today are incapable of.

"Right now we have quantum computers with very simple microchips," he said. "What we have achieved here is the ability to realise extremely powerful quantum computers capable of solving some of the most important problems for industries and society."  ... ' 

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