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Friday, February 24, 2023

3D Heart Replica

Uses include individual study, for diagnosis and planning care.

3D-Printed Heart Replicas Look, Pump Like the Real Thing, By MIT News, February 24, 2023

A doctor holds a custom-made robotic heart.

MIT engineers are hoping to help doctors tailor treatments to patients’ specific heart form and function, with a custom robotic heart. Physicists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) led a team that developed a procedure to enable the creation of three-dimensionally (3D) printed replicas of patients’ hearts.

After converting medical images of a patient's heart into a 3D computer model, the researchers used a polymer-based ink to 3D-print a flexible shell identical to the patient's heart.

The researchers developed sleeves that may be wrapped around a 3D-printed heart and aorta to replicate a patient's blood-pumping ability.  Said graduate student Luca Rosalia, "The advantage of our system is that we can recreate not just the form of a patient's heart, but also its function in both physiology and disease."

From MIT News

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