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Friday, February 24, 2023

Integrated Photonic Circuits Could Help Close the 'Terahertz Gap'

Towards improved chip Fabrication.

Integrated Photonic Circuits Could Help Close the 'Terahertz Gap'

EPFL News (Switzerland),Celia Luterbacher, December 1, 2023

Scientists at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Lausanne (EPFL), ETH Zurich, and Harvard University created a thin-film circuit that generates custom-tailored terahertz-frequency waves in conjunction with a laser beam. This achievement could help bridge the so-called terahertz (THz) gap situated between approximately 300 gigahertz (GHz) and 30,000 GHz (30 THz) on the electromagnetic spectrum. The chip features an integrated photonic circuit fabricated from lithium niobate. Said EPFL's Cristina Benea-Chelmus, "The fact that our device already makes use of a standard optical signal is really an advantage, because it means that these new chips can be used with traditional lasers, which work very well and are very well understood. It means our device is telecommunications-compatible." ... ' 

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