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Saturday, February 11, 2023

Exploring Dreams at MIT Media Lab Fluid Interfaces Group

Way back I worked on some related topics, just happened on this.   A new interface? A way into the brain?  Anyone know other groups doing related things?

Youtube presentation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fW0yxZ7Gp8E

DayDreamNight: A lucid evening at MIT exploring dreams

MIT Media Lab

950 views  Feb 1, 2023  #daydreamer #dreams #cultivatingcreativity

DayDreamNight was a gathering for the MIT community to explore the collaboration between CAST Visiting Artist Carsten Höller and the MIT Media Lab’s Fluid Interfaces group.

The selected projects open up avenues for understanding and shifting our sleep, dreams, and daydreams. 

More information at: 

Sleep & Dream theme page: https://mitmedialab.info/SleepDream 

Dream Hotel with Carsten Höller: https://mitmedialab.info/DreamHotel 

MIT Museum Studio: https://mitmedialab.info/mitmuseumstudio 

Flying Dreams: https://mitmedialab.info/FlyingDreams 

#dreams #daydreamer #daydreamnight#cultivatingcreativity

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