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Sunday, February 19, 2023

Considering Ambient IoT

Good intro and discussion, and in particular thoughts about how this finally implements 'smart' cheaply and with easier integration of sensors and low power requirements.  The latter often comes up, we tested various retail 'in the aisle' power solutions.   A favorite topic.

Ambient IoT Gets Down to Business

By Samuel Greengard, Commissioned by CACM Staff, February 14, 2023

The many aspects of ambient IoT. 

Identified as one of the key enablers of cost-effective technologies that could redefine the way items are tracked, ambient IoT has sustainability implications that could pave the way for a greener supply chain.

Credit: Perle.com

Connecting a vast array of digital and physical objects has long been the idea behind the Internet of Things (IoT). Yet somewhere on the path to progress, things have fallen a bit short. Smart homes still aren't all that smart (they're mostly automated) and smart supply chains and cities remain somewhere over the horizon.

However, after years of hype and promises, the electronic building blocks for a more advanced IoT are finally taking shape. Ambient IoT — a framework for connecting and automating large numbers of objects and devices — is poised to reshape manufacturing, healthcare, food, medicine, and many other fields. Ambient IoT delivers real-time visibility into events as wide-ranging as monitoring food and medicine across a supply chain and thwarting product counterfeiting.

"We're getting to the point where it's finally possible to embed intelligence in almost everything," said Benson Chan, co-founder and senior partner for Strategy of Things, an Oakland, CA, IoT innovation consulting firm. Several factors — including more powerful yet cheap IoT devices, ubiquitous connectivity, and ongoing advances in standards — are fueling these advances.

Sensors Everywhere

The appeal of Ambient IoT is not difficult to fathom, even if the path to progress has so far been bumpy. "This is the original vision for the IoT, which was things interacting with other things," says Chan, who also serves as chair of the U.S. Department of Commerce IoT Advisory Board.  ... '

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