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Monday, February 20, 2023

Surfing Research Data Waves

 Key Data and Metadata gathered and collected for future use.

Surfing the Research Data Wave

University of Stuttgart (Germany), February 10, 2023

A new data exchange format developed by a team led by researchers at Germany's University of Stuttgart aims to provide a means for accessing and reusing large volumes of complex research data. With EnzymeML, researchers can record the comprehensive results of an enzymatic experiment and store that data in a structured and standardized manner, which ensures the machine-readable documents are interoperable and can be reused by other research groups. EnzymeML also allows for seamless communications between experimental platforms, electronic lab notebooks, enzyme kinetics modeling tools, publication platforms, and enzymatic reaction databases. Said University of Stuttgart's Simone Lauterbach, "We demonstrate the feasibility and usefulness of the EnzymeML toolbox using six scenarios where data and metadata from various enzymatic reactions is collected, analyzed, and uploaded to public databases for future use." ... .'

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