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Tuesday, February 14, 2023

NVIDIA Event to Push Avatars

Making a point of 'uncanny valley', aspect of Avatars.  Not sure that would be an issue at a conference, but for typical human interactions, perhaps.  Has this been cleansed by more people getting into gaming use?     Though I still think there is a feeling among many people that an avatar interaction is not genuine, and is less trust-able.   Will it weaken security?   Can you sue an avatar? 

Developer Conference March 20-23, 2023

Keynote, March 21

AI Fundamentals for Building Intelligent, Interactive Digital Humans [S51676]

What does it take to bring a 3D character to life? How can you create a convincing interactive avatar that can see, perceive, converse intelligently, and provide recommendations to enhance the user’s experience? Join NVIDIA as they discuss the foundational AI building blocks required to create a convincing, lifelike avatar. They’ll explore the technical and design challenges of designing, animating, and connecting intelligence to these 3D virtual characters and share the latest best practices and solutions for overcoming the challenge of the “uncanny valley.”  ... '

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