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Sunday, February 12, 2023

Roboticising the Living Room

 Don't think I want this,  just notable. Rent it for some rearrangement?

Warehouse Robots to Automate Your Living Room Kachaka’s warehouse-inspired mobile base can move your furniture around    By Evan Ackerman 

A couple decades ago Kiva Systems had the brilliant and certainly very valuable realization that it was possible to make an entire environment (like a fulfillment warehouse) robotic without filling that entire environment with robots. Rather than making every shelf in a warehouse into a robot, you could instead leave every shelf as a shelf, and simply make a robot that could interface with shelves on-demand, giving them mobility when required.

So what if you take that philosophy out of the warehouse and into your living room? Well, it’s probably not going to massively boost your productivity or increase your own personal fulfillment all that much, but it’s an interesting idea that might make some things a little more convenient from time to time.  ... ' 

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