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Saturday, February 25, 2023

Securing Supply Chains with Quantum Computing

These days a very important domain toimprove. 

Securing Supply Chains with Quantum Computing

By Sandia National Laboratories, February 15, 2023

Researchers are actively developing algorithms for large-scale optimizations on future technologies, hoping these programs could help industries manage limited resources more effectively.

The Russo-Ukrainian conflict and the COVID-19 pandemic have shown how vulnerable global supply chains can be. International events can disrupt manufacturing, delay shipping, induce panic buying and send energy costs soaring.

New research in quantum computing at Sandia National Laboratories is moving science closer to being able to overcome supply-chain challenges and restore global security during future periods of unrest.

"Reconfiguring the supply chain on short notice is an exceptionally difficult optimization problem, which restricts the agility of global trade," said Alicia Magann, a Truman Fellow at Sandia. She has led the development of a new way to design programs on quantum computers, which she and her team think could be especially useful for solving these kinds of massive optimization problems someday in the future when quantum technology becomes more mature.

From Sandia National Laboratories

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