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Saturday, February 11, 2023

AI as Co-Pilot

More on Microsoft's plans to use emerging AI chat capabilities.  Further updates


AI as Co-Pilot: Your Online Life Is About to Change, Like It or Not  By CNet, February 8, 2023

In the half-century since Star Trek premiered, a lot of the far-future tech imagined for the show has found its way into our lives here, in the present. Communicators inspired our flip phones, then the tricorder turned into our modern-day smartphones. People now video chat with each other across the globe. Tech is even helping people regain a form of sight and hearing.

On Tuesday, Microsoft and artificial intelligence lab OpenAI began the race to conquer another sci-fi promise: a conversational computer that communicates like a human even if it doesn't exactly think for itself. 

Microsoft describes it as an "AI-powered co-pilot."

By infusing Microsoft's Bing search engine with OpenAI's ChatGPT programming smarts, the two companies said, we'll soon be able to ask for help planning a dinner party, drafting an email apologizing for being late or comparing financial reports from various companies. Microsoft said it'll bring the technology to its Edge browser and Office productivity apps too.

From CNet

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