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Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Robots Doing the Kitchen Labor

 Intriguing to see where this is going, a close observer of process details and their improvement.  Opportunity is to do this right now. 

Amid the Labor Shortage, Robots Step in to Make the French Fries

The Wall Street Journal, Christopher Mims, August 7, 2021

Restauranteurs are implementing robots to automate food production amid a labor shortage and soaring demand for takeout and delivery. Entrepreneur Doug Foreman said increasingly affordable sensors and actuators and more accessible software, combined with automated food-handling systems, adds momentum to this trend. Barney Wragg at London-based robotics company Karakuri said, "The real challenge is, how do you make machines that can manipulate this peculiar, non-conformative, multi-dimensionally deformative substance." Startups are addressing this problem either by automating just one food-preparation step, or preparing one simple meal type, like a bowl. Many restaurateurs and executives considering kitchen automation are attracted to the technology's potential for consistency, reliability, and cost savings.  ... ' 

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