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Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Qualcomm Launches 5G and AI to Target Commercial Drones

Qualcomm 5G Drones using  AI for Commercial Connectivity Platform

Smartphones in the sky: Qualcomm launches first 5G and AI platform targeting commercial drones

After supplying computer chips for NASA’s Ingenuity helicopter on Mars, Qualcomm has unveiled next generation technologies to help power safe, beyond line-of-sight drone flights on Earth.

BY MIKE FREEMAN  AUG. 17, 2021 6:08 PM PT

Fresh off being in the limelight for its processors powering NASA’s Ingenuity helicopter on Mars, Qualcomm has rolled out its next-generation technologies for drones on Earth — aiming to drive adoption beyond hobbyists and into commercial industries.

The San Diego wireless technology company announced its Flight RB5 5G Platform on Tuesday. It is the first drone system to include 5G connectivity and artificial intelligence technology, which eventually could help enable autonomous, beyond-line-of-sight flights for such things as crop inspection, search and rescue, powerline/wind turbine monitoring, package delivery, mapping and so on.

In addition to the processing/connectivity platform, Qualcomm also launched its first-ever reference design kit for drone developers — essentially an aircraft body, rotors and other necessities to help companies develop drones faster and easier. ... '   

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