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Monday, August 16, 2021

IBM Using Digital Twins to Optimize AI

Spent years using simulation to optimize business process,  the idea of a Digital Twin came along to better utilize sensor context to leverage better solutions.  IBM is pushing it towards AI ... reading now.

How IBM is using digital twins to optimize AI

George Lawton, @glawton    in VentureBeat

Everyone is familiar with IBM’s leadership in IT, AI, and cloud services. It also happens to be one of the leading providers for Enterprise Asset Management software through its Maximo line of software and services. These tools help manage large machines, like factories, powerplants, and heavy equipment.

Now, with the rise of digital twins, IBM is pivoting this business as an onramp to bringing intelligence, agility, and efficiency to a wide range of industries. The company has gone so far as to declare “You cannot have AI without Digital Twin.” The new IBM digital twin exchange promises to create an app store for the digitization of the physical world that brings together enterprises and various services and tools providers.  ... ' 

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