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Monday, August 23, 2021

Advances in Baidu Brain

Baidu is coming back, had looked at some of their earlier offerings and was not impressed, I get the impression they are now more seriously looking at the assistant market.  

Baidu Unveils Upgraded Baidu Brain AI and Smart Devices  By ERIC HAL SCHWARTZ 

Chinese tech giant Baidu showcased its latest creations at its yearly Baidu World conference. Much of the broad array of new products are powered by the new and improved Baidu Brain AI platform revealed at the same time, including robotic vehicles and the first smart television controlled with the Xiaodu voice assistant.  ... 

Baidu’s centerpiece of the event was its new robotic car, built with Baidu’s Apollo AI driving program. Apollo is embedded in the vehicle and is able to improve how well it performs not only in driving but in communications and interactions with passengers. Baidu has plans for automated taxis and other autonomous vehicles and is at the point of demonstrating them at a larger scale than most of its rivals. On the more domestic front, Baidu’s Xiaodu voice assistant has a few new homes, including its first smart television. The 86-inch TV is built with as much advanced tech as could be crammed within, including Xiaodu running the whole thing through voice and gesture commands. Xiaodu is also popping up in a new smart display and active noise-canceling headphones.  ... '

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