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Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Facebook Projects Your Eyes onto VR

Interesting things out of Facebook labs.

Facebook Can Project Your Eyes onto a VR Headset

The Verge, Adi Robertson, August 4, 2021  from ACM

The reverse passthrough virtual reality (VR) technique devised by engineers at Facebook Reality Labs (FRL) can project a user's face onto the front of a VR headset. The passthrough VR feature displays a live video feed from the headset's cameras, so users can see the real world while wearing the device. Researchers designed a prototype headset that augments a standard display with a stack of lenses and cameras. Stereo cameras capture an image of the wearer's face and eyes within the headset, and movement is mapped onto a digital model projected onto an outward-facing light field display. The FRL team's research highlights the potential of light field displays and opportunities for enhanced in-person social interactions  ... 

Facebook can project your eyes onto a VR headset, and it’s exactly as uncanny as it sounds

It’s got a TV eye on you,  By Adi Robertson@thedextriarchy .... 

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