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Friday, August 20, 2021

IEEE Spectrum on Skin Display

A means of convenient and changeable skin display.    Feasible, but is it broadly acceptable?


When the display’s on your skin, you can leave your smartphone in your pocket

An elderly woman, living alone in a small mountain village, relaxes in the afternoon after finishing lunch. A square sheet of thin rubber clings to the back of her hand. Like a poultice, it stretches and then wrinkles as she flexes her fingers.

As she reaches for her teacup, the square lights up with a message: “TAKE YOUR BLOOD PRESSURE MEDICINE." She smiles, remembering how she used to struggle and often fail to remember, even though her smartphone had been programmed to send her such alerts. But now, thanks to that business-card-size patch on her hand, she hasn't missed a single dose. Indeed, her blood-pressure value, which she can now see on the display, is well within a healthy range. ... '

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