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Saturday, August 21, 2021

AI to Adverts

One of the earliest things we attempted with AI.  Too early to work then, but got the right elements. Here again.   

Why artificial intelligence is being used to write adverts  By Michael Dempsey

Technology of Business reporter    BBC

What springs to mind when you think of advertising? Don Draper in the TV show Mad Men sipping a cocktail? Or perhaps trendy people swapping catch phrases in a converted warehouse?'

Well, more of the creative work these days is not being done by humans at all.

When Dixons Carphone wanted to push shoppers towards its Black Friday sale, the company turned to Artificial Intelligence (AI) software and got the winning line "The time is now".

Saul Lopes, head of customer marketing at Dixons Carphone, thinks it worked because it didn't have the words Black Friday in it.

His human copywriters had produced dozens of potentially successful sentences but they all mentioned Black Friday. It was technology that broke this chain of thought.  ... ' 

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