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Monday, August 23, 2021

Do we Still Need an Ethnic Grocery Aisle?

 I have have worked in the area of retail aisle shelf allocation, and noted this phenomenon at all of the grocery venues.  Have even seen the confusion and time wasting it created.  And also the wealth of choice it provided.   So this struck me as an interesting question to ask.   Do not agree with some of the points made, 

Should grocery stores retire the ethnic aisle?   by Tom Ryan

A New York Times article recently explored the controversy surrounding ethnic aisles in supermarkets and the function they still serve.

Supermarkets first added ethnic aisles (sometimes called “international,” “Asian” or “Hispanic”) in the U.S. to cater to returning World War II soldiers who had discovered foods from Italy, Germany and Japan.

For some brands, however, placement in the niche aisle limits the potential growth that could be more accessible in heavily-trafficked category-based aisles. For instance, sriracha sauce now enjoys greater exposure in many grocers sitting alongside barbeque sauces and other hot sauces. Such placement also helps sriracha be increasingly seen as an ingredient beyond Asian cuisine.   ... ' 

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