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Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Writing Assembler

 Many of us had our earliest days writing assembler code.  The way to manage computing at its lowest level.  You can ewally understand what is going on.   True today you can do nearly as well writing C code, and get the advantage of many available libraries.  Still useful to understand what is going on, and further the security implications.   Here a good intro from TowardsDatascience

The Basics Of Writing Assembly

Want to learn Assembly? Start here!   Emmett Boudreau


Computers are technological innovations that have completely changed the entire world and the way we do just about everything in a time span of only about half a century. Computing technology is so vital to the modern era that we have even dubbed the portion of time that we live in “ The Information Era” due to the population of the internet and computers internationally. Needless to say, computer theory is a very important subject, especially in the context of Data Science. At the core of computer theory lies a very important component of hardware, the Central Processing Unit, or CPU.  .... ' 

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