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Thursday, July 01, 2021

Copilot Assistant Coding

 Actually did this in the early days, with human co-pilots, but it never took off.  Now with secure code more of a necessity, could be useful.  This could drive closer to Lo-Code too.   How well can this work today?  Even flagging security dangers in patterns of code could be useful.  But how well can we recognize such patterns?  Following. 

OpenAI and GitHub Unveil New Copilot AI Assistant for Coding


A new virtual assistant created by OpenAI and GitHub will suggest code to software developers as they work. The new GitHub Copilot tool leverages an improved version of OpenAI’s popular GPT-3 language model called Codex to teach the AI how to collaborate in a coding project like a human partner.


Github Copilot takes the concept of natural language processing and applies it to programming languages. The idea is to imitate a “pair programmer,” when two developers simultaneously work on a coding project and comment and annotate each other’s work along the way. The AI theoretically takes the junior partner role in the endeavor, making its name entirely apropos. Copilot relies on OpenAI’s Codex model to understand what the programmer is doing and come up with suggestions. Like GPT-3, Codex is built on an enormous collection of data to teach an AI how to suggest a line or more of code. The AI learns from what suggestions the human user accepts or rejects, honing its understanding and ideally leading to better code ideas.  ... ' 

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