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Monday, July 26, 2021

Origami Comes to Robotic Life

Soft animated modeling built in origami.

Origami Comes to Life with Shape-Changing Materials

University of Colorado Boulder, Daniel Strain, July 20, 2021

University of Colorado Boulder (CU Boulder) researchers have developed paper-thin, shape-changing objects that could lead to books in which origami figures fly off the page. These "Electriflow" designs, which include origami cranes, flowers, and butterflies, were inspired by soft robotic artificial muscles developed at CU Boulder, which do not require motors or mechanical parts. Eric Acome of Artimus, commercial supplier of the artificial muscles, said, "They're just pouches, but depending on the shape of that pouch, you can generate different kinds of movement." CU Boulder's Purnendu said, "This system is very close to what we see in nature. We're pushing the boundaries of how humans and machines can interact."

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