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Sunday, July 25, 2021

DeepMind Releases Accurate Picture of Human Proteome

Was briefly involved in a discussion of protein folding structure prediction, so have an appreciation of the complexity the  Have been told this is a very big deal, and also future direction.  Good thing to watch, as I do.

DeepMind Releases Accurate Picture of the Human Proteome   By SciTechDaily,  July 23, 2021

DeepMind today announced its partnership with the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL), Europe's flagship laboratory for the life sciences, to make the most complete and accurate database yet of predicted protein structure models for the human proteome. This will cover all ~20,000 proteins expressed by the human genome, and the data will be freely and openly available to the scientific community. The database and artificial intelligence system provide structural biologists with powerful new tools for examining a protein's three-dimensional structure, and offer a treasure trove of data that could unlock future advances and herald a new era for AI-enabled biology.

AlphaFold's recognition in December 2020 by the organizers of the Critical Assessment of protein Structure Prediction (CASP) benchmark as a solution to the 50-year-old grand challenge of protein structure prediction was a stunning breakthrough for the field. The AlphaFold Protein Structure Database builds on this innovation and the discoveries of generations of scientists, from the early pioneers of protein imaging and crystallography, to the thousands of prediction specialists and structural biologists who've spent years experimenting with proteins since. The database dramatically expands the accumulated knowledge of protein structures, more than doubling the number of high-accuracy human protein structures available to researchers. Advancing the understanding of these building blocks of life, which underpin every biological process in every living thing, will help enable researchers across a huge variety of fields to accelerate their work.... 

The ability to predict a proteins shape computationally from its amino acid sequence is already helping scientists to achieve in months what previously took years. .... 

"...  The proteome is the entire set of proteins that is, or can be, expressed by a genome, cell, tissue, or organism at a certain time. It is the set of expressed proteins in a given type of cell or organism, at a given time, under defined conditions. Proteomics is the study of the proteome. ... "  WKP

From SciTechDaily

See further in ScienceMag: 

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By Robert F. Service

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