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Thursday, July 29, 2021

Disrupting Ransomware by disrupting Cybercurrecy

Good piece in Schneier.  Disrupt the chain of reward.  

Disrupting Ransomware by Disrupting Bitcoin

Ransomware isn’t new; the idea dates back to 1986 with the “Brain” computer virus. Now, it’s become the criminal business model of the internet for two reasons. The first is the realization that no one values data more than its original owner, and it makes more sense to ransom it back to them — sometimes with the added extortion of threatening to make it public — than it does to sell it to anyone else. The second is a safe way of collecting ransoms: bitcoin. ... 

With as usual some good comments.   ...

This essay was written with Nicholas Weaver, and previously appeared in Slate.com. 

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