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Sunday, July 25, 2021

Real Time AI

Thinking this. 

CoCoPIE: Enabling Real-Time AI on Off-the-Shelf Mobile Devices via Compression-Compilation Co-Design   By Hui Guan, Shaoshan Liu, Xiaolong Ma, Wei Niu, Bin Ren, Xipeng Shen, Yanzhi Wang, Pu Zhao

Communications of the ACM, June 2021, Vol. 64 No. 6, Pages 62-68  0.1145/3418297

Many believe the company that enables real intelligence on end devices (such as mobile and IoT devices) will define the future of computing. Racing toward this goal, many companies, whether tech giants such as Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Apple and Facebook, or startups spent tens of billions of dollars each year on R&D.

Assuming hardware is the major constraint for enabling real-time mobile intelligence, more companies dedicate their main efforts to developing specialized hardware accelerators for machine learning and inference. Billions of dollars have been spent to fuel this intelligent hardware race.

This article challenges the view. By drawing on a recent real-time AI optimization framework CoCoPIE, it maintains that with effective compression-compiler co-design, a large potential is yet left untapped in enabling real-time artificial intelligence (AI) on mainstream end devices.

The principle of compression-compilation co-design is to design the compression of deep learning models and their compilation to executables in a hand-in-hand manner. This synergistic method can effectively optimize both the size and speed of deep learning models, and also can dramatically shorten the tuning time of the compression process, largely reducing the time to the market of AI products. When applied to models running on mainstream end devices, the method can produce real-time experience across a set of AI applications that had been broadly perceived possible only with special AI accelerators.

Foregoing the need for special hardware for real-time AI has some profound implications, thanks to the multifold advantages of mainstream processors over special hardware:  ...'

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