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Saturday, July 24, 2021

Securing Industrial Operations at Scale


Now is the time to secure industrial operations at scale!   Internet of Things (IoT)  

By Fabien Maisl   in Cisco.

Cyber attacks to industrial organizations and critical infrastructures are now making headlines regularly. As Talos pointed out in a recent research blog, we’ve entered a new world of critical infrastructure security where threat actors are structured businesses.

Nevertheless, few industrial organizations have implemented comprehensive security programs to protect their operational technologies (OT) and even fewer have deployed at scale. At the same time, the pandemic is highlighting how digital transformation can help industries be more agile and transform their infrastructure to operate in the new normal. But for this to happen, industrial networks must have a strong security foundation.

For all these reasons, we’re seeing heightened demand from industrial organizations all over the world for a new generation of OT security solutions. They all include a mix of similar requirements:

Easy to deploy throughout the industrial network, without added costs or complexity to the existing infrastructure. Provide comprehensive visibility into OT devices so security policies can be built for the industrial network

Help teams focus on immediate threats so they can prioritize actions and quickly improve the organization’s security posture even if they are not experts in OT or cybersecurity

Scale to massive deployments so that the entire organization can be protected properly. Integrate seamlessly with existing IT security tools so that a converged IT/OT security strategy can be implemented.

With the release of Cyber Vision 4.0, Cisco is offering a unique OT security solution that addresses these requirements, that will be made available beginning July 2021.  ... ' 

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