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Saturday, July 31, 2021

Pepper Robot Shelved

 And the much touted Pepper robot from Japanese Softbank Group, has also been shelved.  Much touted at one time as human friendly in many soft domains.   Saw this impressively demonstrated in Japan.

Softbank Robotics Shelved   By John P. Desmond, Editor, AI Trends  

SoftBank has stopped production of its humanoid robot, named Pepper, and is downsizing its robotics staff from an acquisition in France.  

Some observers saw that in putting a human-looking robot on the market, SoftBank suggested that the robot could display more human intelligence than it was actually capable of, creating unreasonable expectations.   

Production of Pepper was stopped last year, according to a report from Reuters.     SoftBank produced 27,000 units of Pepper. Chief Executive Masayoshi Son planned to make SoftBank the leader in the robotics industry, to produce human-like machines that could serve customers and help babysit children.     ... ' 

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