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Thursday, July 01, 2021

NASA Talent Mapping

 Took a number of looks at advanced 'talent mapping' in the enterprise.  Now is the time this could be very useful especially if we can measure talent well, predict needs and deliver.

NASA Is Using Data Science to Fill Its Data Science Skills Gap,  By ZDNet, June 30, 2021

NASA is creating a workforce talent-mapping database to identify the data skills required for all kinds of projects within the space agency.

"You know, we're NASA, so we're doing a lot of that type of stuff," says David Meza, acting branch chief of people analytics and senior data scientist. The goal is to identify capability that already exists within the organization.

Fittingly then, the solution to filling the data science skills gap at NASA lies in data science itself. The database that Meza's tean is developing uses Neo4j technology to build a knowledge graph, which is designed to show the complex and varied relationships between people, skills, and projects at NASA.

The team initially focused on creating an occupational taxonomy, which analyzed the various components of a role from an employee, training, and project perspective. The team built a model and to start identifying people with skills in specific occupations. That model highlights the kinds of abilities that other individuals in NASA might need to complete tasks in each occupation successfully.

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