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Friday, July 16, 2021

Chatbot explains Apps

Intriguing idea.  Could a similar means explain potential security issues with an App or system?  Or its uses in context.  I like the idea of explanatory analyses available for complex systems.  Could have used them to deliver alongside systems we delivered to decision makers.

Chatbot Can Explain Apps, Show How They Access Hardware or Data  By Aalto University (Finland)

Researchers at Finland's Aalto University, the University of Luxembourg, and Germany's University of Bayreuth developed a chatbot that can help designers and developers create new apps and explain apps to end-users.

Hey GUI (Graphical User Interface) answers questions with images, screenshots, and simple text phrases.

Aalto's Kashyap Todi said, "Hey GUI eliminates the need for coding skills or technical expertise. Anyone can use it to search for information on, for example, which one of my apps is asking for permission to use the camera, or where is the search button on this screen."

The researchers surveyed more than 100 people to determine the most desirable chatbot features, and how users preferred to interact with chatbots.

Said Todi, "This is an important first step towards developing chatbots that can help users find information about apps using

From Aalto University (Finland)

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