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Wednesday, July 14, 2021

GitHub Previews AI Tool that Makes Coding Suggestions

More steps towards automation of coding.  With the potential to strengthen security and efficiency of code. 

GitHub Previews AI Tool That Makes Coding Suggestions   By Tech Crunch, July 13, 2021

GitHub partnered with OpenAI to develop GitHub Copilot, which uses artificial intelligence to make it easier to learn to code.

GitHub Copilot, currently available as a technical preview, aims to help users write code more efficiently by suggesting code as they type.

The model behind the tool was trained on billions of lines of code.

Users can accept or reject the tool's suggestions, and the suggestions improve the more they do so.

GitHub Copilot can be used to work with a new framework or library, and can replace many Stack Overflow queries.   Users can comment with a description of a function in plain English and have it converted to actual code.   The tool, which works best with Python, JavaScript, TypeScript, Ruby, and Go, integrates directly with Visual Studio Code and can be installed as an extension or used in the cloud with GitHub Codespaces.

From Tech Crunch

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