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Friday, July 23, 2021

Scaling AI

Good thoughts, intro below.

Scaling AI and data science – 10 smart ways to move from pilot to production

VB Staff by Venturebeat,  Presented by Intel

“Fantastic! How fast can we scale?” Perhaps you’ve been fortunate enough to hear or ask that question about a new AI project in your organization. Or maybe an initial AI initiative has already reached production, but others are needed — quickly.

At this key early stage of AI growth, enterprises and the industry face a bigger, related question: How do we scale our organizational ability to develop and deploy AI?  Business and technology leaders must ask: What’s needed to advance AI (and by extension, data science) beyond the “craft” stage, to large-scale production that is fast, reliable, and economical?

The answers  are crucial to realizing ROI, delivering on the vision of “AI everywhere”, and helping the technology mature and propagate over the next five years.  ... ' 

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