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Sunday, July 18, 2021

On-Demand Session: Deploying Edge AI in Manufacturing

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Deploying Edge AI for manufacturing Supply Chains  In NVIDIA Developer

On-Demand Session: Deploying Edge AI in Manufacturing   By Amanda Saunders

When it comes to production, companies spend endless cycles improving their processes to drive the most revenue. Manufacturing lines are rigorously tested, and any changes require downtime that can eat up a company’s profits. That’s where AI comes in.

Manufacturing as an industry is ripe to experience the benefits of AI because it performs highly repeatable tasks that can each be tuned and optimized for overall performance. AI takes readily-available historical data from sensors, cameras, and even outcomes and processes it faster than any human could, without getting tired. Once the data is fed into the AI, the AI makes sense of it, then it has to make a prediction based on past data, it makes a choice based on the best option available, and finally it takes action.

At GTC ’21,  Data Monsters, who builds AI solutions for production and packaging, discussed the growth of AI in manufacturing and how AI is being used to optimize every part of the supply chain, from forecasting and production planning to quality control. The session   “Getting Started with AI in Manufacturing” shared how AI could be used to improve the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) of any organization using data that is already available today.  ... " 

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