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Sunday, July 25, 2021

Hiding Malware in Artificial Neurons

 My areas of interest have always included machine learning, neural networks, steganography and security.    So I read this in interest. Not sure how it would work in practice.  Following up.

(When I say I am following up, I may or may not include findings in latter posts at my discretion.  I will if I think its particularly useful.   Do let me know if you have interest) 


Researchers Hid Malware Inside an AI's 'Neurons' And It Worked Scarily Well   July 23, 2021

The authors concluded that a 178MB AlexNet model can have up to 36.9MB of malware embedded into its structure without being detected using a technique called steganography. ... 

Neural networks could be the next frontier for malware campaigns as they become more widely used, according to a new study. 

According to the study, which was posted to the arXiv preprint server  on Monday, malware can be embedded directly into the artificial neurons that make up machine learning models in a way that keeps them from being detected. The neural network would even be able to continue performing its set tasks normally.

"As neural networks become more widely used, this method will be universal in delivering malware in the future," the authors, from the University of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, write.

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