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Tuesday, March 02, 2021

Wikibon Research

Brought back to my attention and of interest. 

Wikibon 2021 Research Focus

The Wikibon 2021 research focus is based on a community-based approach to deliver in-depth research and analysis across a broad range of enterprise technology topics. Our community has been built from the ground up using collaborative methods powered by Wikibon’s ethos of open content and theCUBE.

Wikibon was founded on the premise that practitioners collectively possess more knowledge than any one person or research entity. We have developed methods to package and curate that knowledge for our community. theCUBE is a digital offering that for more than ten years has operated TV productions at tech events. In addition, theCUBE operates digital studios on-premises and remotely from its offices in northern California and Massachusetts.

We also partner with several expert data providers, including Enterprise Technology Research (ETR), which publishes quarterly spending intentions data based on surveys of CIOs and enterprise technology buyers. Under our agreement, we can curate this survey data and selectively present data to support our research initiatives.

Our community comprises more than 50,000 individuals, many of whom have contributed their knowledge directly through interviews on theCUBE or in collaborative sessions with Wikibon Analysts.

Broadly, Wikibon’s topical coverage spans the following seven primary areas that have overlapping content vectors:

Cloud,  Infrastructure,  Data,   Security,  Enterprise Software,  Edge computing,  Emerging technologies

We provide selective market data, industry trends, customer spending patterns, key customer challenges, technology provider solutions, economic analysis, and analysis of relevant news within these sectors. ... ' 

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