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Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Facebook Wants Watch like Controllers for AR Glasses

 Is Facebook aiming to take us long and deep with augmented reality controlled from our watches?    I still think there is something missing to make the idea universal.

Facebook reveals new watch-like controllers for its future AR glasses

The wearable devices will read nerve signals from the brain and deliver tactile feedback through haptic buzzers around the wrist.... 

By Mark Sullivan   in FastCompany

While other tech companies tend to keep their R&D under a blanket of secrecy, Facebook is opening its labs and showing the world how it’s developing its future augmented reality (AR) glasses. The company held the second in a series of its “Inside the Lab” media roundtables on Tuesday and introduced new technology that would enable users to control their AR glasses using their fingers.

AR glasses project light onto the eyes and seem to overlay the real world with digital imagery. As you’re looking through the glasses at a statue, for instance, the glasses might display a label with helpful information right next to it. Many people in tech circles believe AR glasses, in some form, will eventually replace the smartphone as our go-to personal computing device.

In this week’s roundtable, company executives, starting with chief technology officer Mike Schroepfer, showed off wrist wearables that detect the movement of the glasses wearer’s fingers. The wearable uses a technology called electromyography (EMG), which intercepts the electrical signals the brain uses to direct finger movements. It then translates the electrical pulses into digital commands that can control functions of the device functions. ... "

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