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Thursday, March 25, 2021

Digital Clothes

 Because the company I worked for is one of the largest manufacturer of detergents, we got lots of questions about the future of the design, use, manufacture and care of clothing.   Got the feeling that none of this ever went anywhere, but perhaps now?  Covered it loosely over the years.  Still wonder about the 'wild' aspect, but good overview here.

 The clothes we wear are about to undergo a wild digital revolution  By Jared Lindzon in FastCompany

The way clothing gets made has changed surprisingly little over the years. But new advances are adding intelligence and customization to the process.

Imagine an article of clothing that could tell your washing machine how to keep its colors from fading. Imagine a piece of clothing that could warm your body in the winter and cool it down in the summer. Imagine wearing clothes that weren’t designed last year, or last season, but yesterday, in response to that day’s buying patterns. Imagine being able to fully customize every article of clothing in your wardrobe for the same cost as mass-produced items.  ... ' 

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