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Thursday, March 18, 2021

Atypon: Technology for publishing Important content

Brought to my attention:   Atypon

Atypon:  Technology for publishing the world’s most important content.  Atypon helps online publishers deliver mission-critical content to practitioners and researchers in every field.

Necessity and invention

Atypon was founded in 1996, driven by its founder’s desire to democratize scientific research by expanding its availability, which meant giving scholarly publishers the software that they needed to excel in a new—and often intimidating—digital environment.

Atypon’s initial development efforts resulted in Literatum, our online publishing and website development platform, first released in 1999. What was a five-person technology startup in Silicon Valley, is now an influential global organization, with a team of more than 480 in nine offices across the United States, the UK, Jordan, the Czech Republic, and Georgios’s native Greece.

Technology specifically for publishers

Over the 20-plus years that Literatum has been in continuous development, we’ve developed a deep understanding of what it takes to power a successful online publishing business. Our product development is driven in part by our clients’ requirements for their own businesses. New features are regularly added to meet the design, editorial, and marketing needs of our expanding client base.

A fast-growing technology company

Today Atypon has over 200 clients, including some of the world’s largest publishers; several date back to our first years in business. Literatum is home to nearly 100,000 individual publications in over a dozen languages and more than 900 publication websites. The platform logs over 3.2 billion user sessions annually.

We rival larger Silicon Valley companies in our aggressive pursuit of new technologies: engineers comprise more than two-thirds of our staff, and our ongoing, award-winning R&D team is applying machine learning and AI-based technologies that keep our customers at the forefront of online publishing. Atypon’s recent acquisitions include Inera, RedLink, Authorea, and Manuscripts.  ... ' 

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