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Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Wal-Mart Makes a TV Stick

Interesting choice.  To control and tailor some of the  ads and resulting data?   Certainly a possibility. 

 Walmart is making an Android TV stick under its Onn brand  By S. Shah   @eightiethmnt  in Engadget

The basic dongle features a Google TV-style remote.

Walmart sells everything from Roku-powered smart TVs to tablets to gaming keyboards under its affordable Onn brand. Now, the retailer is apparently wading further into the connected TV space with its first Android TV stick. Spotted in an FCC listing by Android TV Guide, Walmart's new device looks like a fairly basic dongle that plugs into your set's HDMI port. However, it's unclear if the stick (which carries the Onn logo) will offer access to Android TV or the revamped Google TV interface. The listing says the stick runs on Android TV 10, but the accompanying remote looks like it's for Google TV, according to 9to5Google.   ... " 

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