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Friday, March 26, 2021

Enhancing Exoskeletons

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Interesting approaches to add AI to exoskeletal robotics solutions.  Broad applications?

Engineers Combine AI, Wearable Cameras in Self-Walking Robotic Exoskeletons

University of Waterloo News (Canada),  March 15, 2021

Researchers at Canada's University of Waterloo have combined computer vision and deep-learning artificial intelligence (AI) technology in an effort to develop robotic exoskeleton legs that can make decisions. Current exoskeleton legs must be controlled manually via smartphone applications or joysticks. The researchers used wearable cameras fitted to exoskeleton users and AI software to process the video feed to recognize stairs, doors, and other aspects of the surrounding environment. Waterloo’s Brokoslaw Laschowski said, "Our control approach wouldn't necessarily require human thought. Similar to autonomous cars that drive themselves, we're designing autonomous exoskeletons that walk for themselves." ... ' 

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