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Tuesday, March 23, 2021

DHS Promises Help for States Struggling with Digital Attacks on Critical Services

 Notable are the recent increases in ransomware, and the broad issues with Microsoft servers, and how much we depend on digital systems.   This will have to be the solution until we develop others. 

The Cybersecurity 202: DHS Official Promises Help for States Struggling with Digital Attacks on Critical Services   By The Washington Post,  March 23, 2021

State and local governments have been begging the government for more resources since they are on the front lines of a growing number of cyberattacks that lock up the computer systems of government services even more critical in a pandemic – including hospitals, schools and benefit distribution systems.

A surge in efforts by hackers holding data hostage in exchange for a fees has become a top concern for the Department of Homeland Security's cybersecurity division, its acting director now says.

"Because right now, if there was a catastrophic cyber incident affecting states and they did lack the resources to address it, we would not be able to move as quickly and expeditiously as we need to respond and recover," acting Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency director Brandon Wales said at an event hosted by the Auburn University Center for Cyber and Homeland Security yesterday.

From The Washington Post

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