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Sunday, March 14, 2021

Smart Sourcing Bots

 Sourcing automated.  Bots an indication of intelligence introduced to provide additional value. 

Smart Sourcing Bots Are Taking On Air Freight Procurement

March 11, 2021, Alan Holland, SCB Contributor

The unprecedented scale of disruption caused by the pandemic continues to wreak havoc across global supply chains in the early months of 2021.

With 94% of Fortune 1000 companies experiencing disruption, organizations are digitizing to increase resilience and achieve cost and efficiency objectives, particularly in procurement. One area that’s especially ripe for transformation is in the sourcing of air-freight shipping, for which demand continues to skyrocket as capacity remains scarce. With changes to schedules occurring faster than ever, agility and responsiveness to capacity changes are critical.   

Procurement teams, especially those managing large and complex global supply chains, must adapt and move quickly to secure valuable logistics capacity. By trading in tedious, manual sourcing approaches and replacing them with intelligent and automated processes, businesses can find a new harmony between humans and machines that counters the air-freight challenges that are here to stay.

Stemming from the rapid decline in commercial air travel caused by COVID-19, the strategic sourcing of air cargo has become more difficult than ever. Normally, 80% of transatlantic cargo travels alongside passengers on commercial flights. But while flight numbers decrease, demand for air transport is increasing, as other avenues experience disruption. This perfect storm leaves procurement teams scrambling for options.  .. '

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