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Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Is AI Moving Too Fast for Retail?

Not well enough, not fast enough.     Unless we want China to eat our lunch.

Is AI adoption moving too fast?  by Tom Ryan in Retailwire  with further expert comment.

According to KPMG’s “Thriving in an AI World” study, 53 percent of business leaders in retail said COVID-19 increased their pace of AI adoption, yet 49 percent believe adoption is moving faster than it should in their industry.

The broader survey of 950 business and/or IT decision makers found similar sentiments for other industries, including industrial manufacturing, 55 percent; and tech, 49 percent. The concerns were traced to debates surrounding the ethics, governance and regulation of AI.

Among retail respondents, 78 percent said it is difficult to stay on top of the constantly evolving AI landscape — a sentiment higher than leaders in other categories. Cybersecurity breaches (47 percent) and possible AI bias (45 percent) were found to be the top two greatest potential risks of AI adoption. Eighty-seven percent believe the government has a role to play in regulating AI technology.

Matt Kramer, national consumer and retail sector leader at KPMG, said in a statement, “The concern about the speed of adoption raises a caution flag for retailers, reminding them to ensure proper process and controls along with change management and effective training are put in motion to address the AI adoption risks.”   ..."

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