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Sunday, March 21, 2021

Majorana Meltdown Jeopardizes Microsoft's Quantum Computer,

This is an example of the danger of converting reported research results into working systems.  Without the complete validation of those results.    Large companies are willing to invest large sums towards potential novel results.  The pressure to win is huge.    And validation in academia, say by sharing tests, data and results, may be insufficient.   Here an example in the development of commercially useful quantum computing.  This article is research-process technical.


Majorana Meltdown Jeopardizes Microsoft's Quantum Computer, By Arnout Jaspers

Commissioned by CACM Staff, March 11, 2021

In the race to build a large-scale quantum computer, Microsoft invested heavily in a scientific breakthrough by Dutch physicist Leo Kouwenhoven, then at QuTech in Delft, the Netherlands. Kouwenhoven first reported evidence of Majorana particles in 2012, and transferred from QuTech to Microsoft in 2016 on that ticket. In 2018, his group claimed in Nature to have actually detected these elusive particles in a nano device they designed    ... " 

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