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Friday, March 12, 2021

Double Masking has Limited Benefits, Says Supercomputer Model

Am not in a place to evaluate this analysis, or seen a validation, but surprised we have not seen similar analytics regarding transmission of CoronaVirus.  

Double-Masking Benefits Are Limited, Japan Supercomputer Finds  By BloombergMarch 12, 2021

Double-masking, as recommended by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, yields limited benefits in preventing the spread of droplets that could transmit Covid-19 compared to a single well-fitted disposable mask, according to an analysis conducted with a Japanese supercomputer.

Researchers at Japan's Riken research institute and Kobe University used Fugaku, the world's fastest supercomputer, to model droplet dispersal.

The simulation demonstrated that wearing just one tightly-fitted disposable mask prevented the spread of 85% of virus-bearing particles, while wearing two masks prevented only 89%.

One well-fitted mask captured 81% of the droplets, compared to 69% by one loosely-fitted mask.

The researchers observed that a tight fit and avoiding gaps in the mask were essential to blocking droplet spread.

From Bloomberg

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