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Saturday, March 06, 2021

Stop Conversations Sooner?

Perhaps a guide for chatbots?  Or is the guide for them different?  Though like all such guides, and rules of thumb, depends highly on context.

When Should You End a Conversation? Sooner Than You Think, Harvard Research Shows In two experiments, more than 67 percent said they wanted out but the other person kept talking.

By Minda Zetlin     @MINDAZETLIN  in INC,   Harvard research 

Do you want people to enjoy talking with you? You should probably end your conversations more quickly than you do. Most people stay in conversations longer than they want to for fear of hurting the other person's feelings, new research shows. In fact, in about two thirds of conversations, whether between strangers or loved ones, at least one person wants out well before the exchange ends. Sometimes both people want to stop, but they keep on talking anyway, because neither wants to cause offense.

That's the finding from two recent experiments by a reearch team headed by Adam Mastroianni, a doctoral student in psychology at Harvard. In one, 252 strangers were paired up for conversations that could be as short or as long as they wished, up to 45 minutes. In the other, 806 online volunteers were asked to think about a recent conversation with someone they were close to. In both cases, more than two thirds of participants reported that the conversation had gone on longer than they wanted. Some participants thought the conversation was too short and wished they could have kept talking. How often were both people satisfied with the length of their conversation? Only 2 percent of the time.  ...  " 

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