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Saturday, March 06, 2021

Quantum Effect in Erasing

Pondering the implications of this.

The Demon Is in the Detail—Trinity Team Discovers Uniquely Quantum Effect in Erasing Information

Trinity College Dublin (Ireland)   October 16, 2020

Researchers at Ireland's Trinity College Dublin and the U.K.'s University of Manchester discovered a uniquely quantum effect in deleting information that may have ramifications for the design of quantum computing processors. They found the quantum nature of information to be erased can give rise to significant deviations in heat dissipation not present in conventional bit erasure. The Trinity and Manchester scientists analyzed an experimentally realistic erasure process that permits quantum superposition, which results in rare events exhibiting heat dissipation far greater than the Landauer limit. Trinity's John Goold said, "This is a highly unusual finding that could be really important for heat management on future quantum chips—although there is much more work to be done, in particular in analyzing faster operations and the thermodynamics of other gate implementations."

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