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Friday, March 05, 2021

Facebook's Seer Recognizes Images

Thinking the implications of this in business practice.

Facebook’s new AI model SEER can teach itself to recognize images  By Mike Wheatley in SiliconAngle

Researchers at Facebook Inc. have created an artificial intelligence-based image recognition model called SEER  (Technical) that’s able to describe what it’s seeing without being trained first on a labeled dataset.

Facebook said that SEER, which is an acronym for “Self-SupeERvised,” is a breakthrough that could lead to a “revolution” in computer vision.

The SEER model, outlined in a paper released March 2, was fed 1 billion publicly available images without annotations or labels from Instagram. It then worked through the dataset, learning as it progressed, and was eventually able to achieve extremely high accuracy in tasks such as object detection.

Self-supervised AI learning is already established in the AI field. It refers to AI systems that can learn directly from whatever information they are given without being trained on carefully labeled datasets that can teach them how to perform a given task, such as recognizing an object in a photo or translating a piece of text.  ... ' 

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