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Friday, November 01, 2019

Towards a Bio-Internet of Things?

Seems we are already part of that, if we like it or not, but here is some more

The scientists who are creating a bio-internet of things in Technology Review

The internet of things connects devices across the globe. Now researchers are considering how bacteria can join the network.

Imagine designing the perfect device for the internet of things. What functions must it have? For a start, it must be able to communicate, both with other devices and with its human overlords. It must be able to store and process information. And it must monitor its environment with a range of sensors. Finally, it will need some kind of built-in motor.

There is no shortage of devices that have many of these features. Most are based on widely available, low-cost devices such as Raspberry Pis, Arduino boards, and the like.

But another set of machines with similar functions is much more plentiful, say Raphael Kim and Stefan Poslad at Queen Mary University of London in the UK. They point out that bacteria communicate effectively and have built-in engines and sensors, as well as powerful information storage and processing architecture.

And that raises an interesting possibility, they say. Why not use bacteria to create a biological version of the internet of things? Today, in a call to action, they lay out some of the thinking and the technologies that could make this possible.  ... " 

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